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           The Raleigh Blind Bowlers Association -
                          The Raleigh Outlaws 

            The nation's largest bowling league for persons who are blind or visually impaired.

Bridge II Sports is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for children and adults who are physically challenged to play team and individual sports. Bridge II Sports, in partnership with community partners, provides the equipment, coaching and play space, as well as develops teams. The goal of Bridge II Sports is to help individuals discover tenacity, confidence, self-esteem, and the joy of finding the player within. Please see the Bridge II Sports website http://www.bridge2sports.org/ for more information about the many programs they provide.

Bridge II Sports Registration Form

Challenged Athletes Foundation provides opportunities and support to people with physical disabilities so they can participate in fitness and competitive athletics. Their website www.challengedathletes.org has inspirational stories, photos and information regarding Paralympic sports and more. Challenged Athletes Foundation also provides grants for competition, training and equipment to persons with a physical disability who meet financial need qualifications. See the website for more information. A .pdf version of the application is available HERE.


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