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The 2012 ABBA National Tournament was in Reno, Nevada and the Outlaws had a really good time while we were there, in addition to bowling rather well. Here are some pictures of the fun.

The Grand Sierra Resort, our home for the tournament. The bowling alley was on the first floor!

This sculpture was in front of the hotel.

Reno bills itself as "The Biggest Little City in the World". This arch is in downtown Reno.

The Truckee River runs through downtown Reno, and they have a riverwalk that runs beside it, with shops and restaurants alongside the river.

We enjoyed watching people riding inner tubes and rafts in the river. There were access points and places to rent tubes on the riverwalk.

We went to see the National Bowling Stadium in downtown Reno.

The Bowling Stadium has a total of 81 lanes, 78 on the main floor, 2 in the back where the pros warm up before they go out to bowl on TV, and 1 in the pro shop. The pro shop was as big as most of the bowling alleys we've ever bowled in!

You can see the seating on the lanes and the stadium seating behind for spectators.

Carla and Ginger went horseback riding one morning at Rancho Red Rock north of Reno.

Some people didn't like the road to Virginia City. This is looking back toward the city of Reno.

We went to the Bucket of Blood Saloon in Virginia City, where most everyone had a drink.

All the shops in Virginia City were different. There were a number that had jewelry, souveniers, food, etc. This dress was in a store that had western wear. We also saw shops featuring rocks and minerals, Indian items, t-shirts, of course, and more.

The author Mark Twain wrote for the Territorial Enterprise newspaper in Virginia City. The building still stands, and is set up as a museum. The above marker commemorates this fact.

We put a bunch of the Outlaws in jail in Virginia City! Evidence below!

Since a number of us had never been to California, we drove west to the town of Truckee and ate lunch before going on to Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe was spectacularly beautiful!

This is part of the group that went to Lake Tahoe.

Renee' climbed to the top of this rock pile to get a picture of the lake.

We were proud to have James B's sister Machelle on the trip with us.

The zoom lens on the camera provided a good shot of the waterfall near the overlook at Lake Tahoe.


These are pictures from Sharon's trip to Reno, Nevada for the American Blind Bowlers Association Tournament Committee on-site visit. We'll be bowling in Reno in the spring of 2012!

Chief chef provides grits as a special request and promised to have Sweet Tea for us Southerners.

Chief Chef provides grits as a special request and promises to have sweet tea for us Southerners.

View of bowling alley, which is 50 lanes and open 24 hrs. a day.

View of bowling alley, which has 50 lanes and is open 24 hours a day.

Rozella and Sharon take a limo tour of downtown Reno.

Rozella and Sharon take a limo tour of downtown Reno, where the Arch says "Reno - the biggest little city in the world."

The sign says Reno - Biggest little city in the world.

A Side view of the limo with the arch in the background.

Statue of a horse and rider in the hotel lobby.
Hotel Lobby

Pool bar at the hotel.

Pool Bar

Hotel pool

Pool area with mountains in the background.

Pool area

Gambling in the bowling alley?!

Gambling in the bowling alley?!

Beautiful mountain view from the hotel room.

Beautiful mountain view from the hotel room.
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