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           The Raleigh Blind Bowlers Association -
                          The Raleigh Outlaws 

            The nation's largest bowling league for persons who are blind or visually impaired.


                                               The Raleigh Outlaw Invitational Tournament

Each year, the Raleigh Outlaws host a one-day Invitational Tournament. It is held on either the third or fourth Saturday in April or the first Saturday in May, depending on the league's calendar and the date on which Easter falls. This event draws bowlers from across North Carolina and Virginia, with occasional entries from other states as well. Anyone is welcome to bowl in this event; we only ask that you have an average. The tournament usually averages around 120 adult bowlers, and also features a youth tournament for ages 6 to 18. The first Outlaw Invitational was held in 1988, and 2012 marks the 25th annual event.

During the course of the tournament, we hold a bake sale and 50/50 raffle, with proceeds going toward offsetting the cost of the tournament and the prize fund.

Volunteers are welcome to assist with the tournament as pin-spotters or "runners" for the snack bar. No experience is necessary; we can show you what we would like you to do. 

For more information about the tournament or to volunteer please contact league president James Benton at 919-755-0700 or league secretary Ginger Rush at 919-789-9946.

Tournament Forms:  
Tournament Invitation Letter
Singles Stat Sheet
Teams Stat Sheet
Willie Robinson Award Informational Letter

Willie Robinson Award Nomination Form

                                                           The Willie Robinson Award

As part of the opening ceremonies for the day's activities, the Raleigh Outlaws present the Willie Robinson Award each year. This award is given in memory of Willie Robinson, one of the founders of the Raleigh Blind Bowlers. Willie is the one who named us "Outlaws". He bowled when many people would have sat on the sidelines and watched, up to and including the night before he passed away in December of 1998. He was loved by all and this award is our way of carrying out his legacy. The first year the award was presented to Willie's wife Hazel in his honor. Since then, the recipients of the award have been persons who promote blind bowling, even in a small way, and work to spread the word to the community. 

2013 will be the 15th time the Willie Robinson Award has been presented. Previous recipients have been:
  1. Hazel Robinson
  2. Charles Roane
  3. David Alexander, Sr.
  4. Rosa McNeill
  5. Elsie Stanley
  6. JoAnn Baqui
  7. Frances Council & Jeff Tucker
  8. James Benton
  9. Frankie McDaniel
10. Danny David
11. Christeen Davis
12. Sharon Joyce - 2010
13. Wendell Williamson - 2011
14. Dianne Penner & Jerry Parker

To nominate someone for the Willie Robinson Award, please submit a 
Nomination Form to Ginger Rush, 5908 Periwinkle Court, Raleigh, NC 27609 or e-mail it to Outlawtaxi@earthlink.net












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